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DJ Jamison

DJ Jamison

DJ Jam-is-on first took interest in DJing while in the Army back in 1992, when his roommate had his turntables brought in from home. Being a huge fan of hi p-hop and acclaimed DJs like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Cut Creator, Eric B, and Terminator X..just to name a few, he immediately fell in love with the art, but really didn’t have the time or resources to pursue it other than the occasional jam sessions and weekend parties.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in IT, his love for computers and technology started to blend more with his love for music and he soon found himself providing entertainment for house and holiday parties, using Virtual DJ and a mouse. After a while though, life once again got in the way and he had to put “playing DJ” on the back burner in 2008.

Funny story from there.. about four years ago his wife Angela was watching the movie “Pitch Perfect”, which depicted a young lady creating beats and music using Traktor software. He was reminded how much fun mixing and producing was. He got the software for Christmas that year, went through a few controllers, and began to work his way back into the game.

Since then his skills and determination grew rapidly, and he was fortunate enough to be introduced to a small clique of local DJs including CityBoyz very own DJ L3XX, who took him under their wing as if he had never stopped since ’92. Even being a controller DJ, he got nothing but respect and knowledge from them, and this greatly increased his passion for the craft and made him want to get better. He has entered a few online and local contests, and won the opportunity to showcase his talent sharing the stage with Grandmaster Flash. He has been showcased on online radio shows on Heat 100 Radio and mPowerDJs, played live gigs at the Royal Hookah Lounge, Skybar Tucson, The Hut, LaCocina, Mr Head’s and Flycatcher. He has hosted a weekly live stream internet show called the “Desert Heat Mixshow” from Tucson, AZ streaming to the UK for, and was an internet radio DJ and show host for WRMX Radio Network.

From here, even at 46 years old, he just wants to continue to learn and grow as a DJ, and give back to the community. Now he just hopes he can continue to spin for as long as he can, and to keep the artform of the DJ alive.





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