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deejay l3xx

dj l3xx

dj l3xx

With a father who was a disco deejay with a wide spread collection of musical loves, from early Hip Hop to the Woodstock era, L3XX was raised in a world full of inspirational music history. After moving to Japan at the age of thirteen, he fell more in love with the deejay art form and purchased his first pair of turntables off the back of a Source magazine. Starting as a bedroom DJ, and progressing into a working DJ for his school’s homecoming dance, he began to pave his way into the industry.

He had a great mentor early on in DJ Spinboy who helped him understand how to read the crowd and ultimately helped to refine his mixing skills. He left Japan in the late nineties ready to pursue his dream, and he went off to college with his DJ equipment in tow, to practice daily and to play for as many parties as he could. When he moved to Tucson, Arizona, he hooked up with 98.3 FM’s DJ Jo-E and they began a mix-tape movement that spread rapidly across southern Arizona. That event was what undeniably put him on the map. Which through his love of making mix-tapes and after hosting one for City Boyz Nation was asked to join their music group.

With his international background and over twenty years of professional experience, L3XX has been fortunate to have traveled and performed extensively at festivals, clubs, celebrity parties, weddings, radio stations, and so much more. He has performed at some amazing venues around the globe, like Evil Olive, Ivy Rooftop, Yokohama Bay and Kitchen Sync. L3XX has worked with some great talent along the way as well, such as Blaize, DJ Touch, Milkman, Dre Day, Herm, Lady Char, Dibs & MGM, Phatsoul, and Mighty Monkz to name a few.

As an open format deejay, L3XX philosophy on performing music is that it should be unique and memorable, and to be notable without being predictable. An artist that puts love into the music and makes others feel that love, that is what he wants to be remembered for.



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